Inaugural Event

Y.E.S.  Don’t miss your chance at experiencing the inaugural Young Entrepreneur Show. On April 11th, 17 teams will converge on the EKU campus to compete for fellowships. Months of hard work will be showcased. Businesses will be launched throughout the Bluegrass. You won’t want your students to miss seeing this event. Schedule your field trip today. […]

Warren County Joins Boom KY

Greenwood High School in Warren County recently came on board with Boom KY. The partnership has been fun to watch as it unfolds. There will be a Young Entrepreneur Show in Western KY later in the spring. We are excited to see all of the start-ups that come out of Warren County! Mr. Patrick Baiocchi […]

Boom KY Summit 2023

Come enjoy an afternoon of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while you learn more about Boom KY. We are offering a free information session in partnership with Awesome Inc on March 17, 2023, from 4-6pm at the Central Bank Convention Center Room 9 in Lexington, KY.  Summit 2023 Registration

Say YES to success

What is Y.E.S.? What is The Young Entrepreneur Showcase? On April 11, 2023, at Eastern Kentucky University 14 teams from 6 schools across the Commonwealth will come together to compete for business Fellowships. Up to 3 Fellowships will be awarded. The Fellowship includes access to Boom KY’s software developers, designers, videographers, legal, accounting, mentorship, and much […]

Coding comes to Owsley County

Owsley County When people think of Owsley County the first thing, they think of probably isn’t coding. However, this group of students are working diligently to change that perception. They want to bring coding careers to Owsley County, KY. Boom KY is thrilled to play a small part in redesigning the career infrastructure of Owsley County, […]

Tiger Pride

What is Tiger Pride? Tiger Pride is the solution to reducing school waste.  Jason Kinner, Paintsville Technology Teacher, is full of Tiger pride when speaking about his students. “This semester I have seen my students come together in groups in my coding class. They have defined a project, broken up the group into teams to […]

Menifee County High School

Thruma Thruma is a newly created streaming service based around ESPORTS tournaments, created by the code and entrepreneurship students at the Menifee County High School. The app includes tournament brackets with integrated live streaming support and much more, perfect for ESPORTS teams. The students at Menifee Country High School are preparing themselves for The Young […]

Bell County Superintendent Discusses Boom KY

What do you think of Boom KY? Three years ago when Kyle approached me about the idea of creating a code and entrepreneur class in high school I was very intrigued. One of our goals at Bell County is to provide education pathways for our students to learn skills that could lead to local job […]

Boom KY and Awesome Inc merge classes to launch startups

Why is coding needed? Today’s youth are growing up in a world surrounded by technology. Software is a driving force in education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and beyond. While most kids today use software on a daily basis, very few know how to create with code. We strive to help students learn about computer science. This […]