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Our Mission

Empowering Future Innovators: Our mission is to partner with school districts to teach entrepreneurship, guiding students to launch startups. We are dedicated to cultivating a pipeline of young entrepreneurs who will drive economic growth and create the next generation of leaders in our communities.

After building the foundation of their startup, in year 2, teams focus on generating revenue and establishing local businesses


BoomKY partners with schools to empower our youth to shape the future of Kentucky 


Teaching young adults entrepreneur skills to launch their own business. 

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Why Choose Us

Boom Schools

Empowering our youth to transform local economies.


Boom provides daily curriculum on our proprietary platform in sales, marketing, branding, legal, and problem-solving activities.


Students will learn the basics of Web Development. They will gain experience using the tools developers need to write code and have the opportunity to work with entrepreneur students to launch a startup.


Students from code and entrepreneurship join together to launch startups. In our experience, startups are most successful when the team has technical skills, visionaries, and problem solvers. 



BoomKY partners with cities to open physical locations. Our focus is to support fellowships and create opportunities from within our communities.

Workspace: rent a room, mailing address, and conference room access


  • Secure wifi
  • Conference + meeting rooms
  • Print & copy 
  • Downtown mailing address
  • Breakroom + kitchen 
  • Mentorship
My students have been given an incredible opportunity…

My students have been given an incredible opportunity to learn just what being an entrepreneur entails. From creating their business plan using their idea for a new start-up to pitching their idea to actual investors, my students have gained the knowledge, skills, and principles in what it takes to create a successful business. Having something like this available in a high school setting is just the beginning to what great endeavors these students can achieve.

Tiffani Garnett
Tiffani Garnett
Bell County High School
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