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Bell County Superintendent Discusses Boom KY

What do you think of Boom KY?

Three years ago when Kyle approached me about the idea of creating a code and entrepreneur class in high school I was very intrigued. One of our goals at Bell County is to provide education pathways for our students to learn skills that could lead to local job opportunities.

In my opinion the way we rebuild our local economy is by creating business startups. That mindset begins while students are in middle and high school.

I have known Kyle for most of his life and he has a strong desire to help our community. He has been successful in startups himself and now he is providing guidance for future entrepreneurs. We look forward to working with Kyle and the Boom KY team for many years to come.

Tom Gambrel

Bell County Superintendent

Thoughts From A Partner School

My students have been given an incredible opportunity to learn just what being an entrepreneur entail. From creating their business plan using their idea for a new start-up to pitching their idea to actual investors, my students have gained the knowledge, skills, and principles in what it takes to create a successful business. Having something like this available in a high school setting is just the beginning to what great endeavors these students can achieve.

Tiffany Garnett

Bell County business teacher

Jen Klinglesmith

Williamsburg Joins Boom KY

We are very excited to provide this opportunity for our students.  Partnering with Boom KY will give our students a unique and outstanding experience to

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Jen Klinglesmith

YES Recap

Boom KY held The Young Entrepreneur Show at EKU where 17 student teams from 7 school districts competed for fellowships.  The winning startups were from Wolfe,

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Jen Klinglesmith

Inaugural Event

Y.E.S.  Don’t miss your chance at experiencing the inaugural Young Entrepreneur Show. On April 11th, 17 teams will converge on the EKU campus to compete

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