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Boom KY and Awesome Inc merge classes to launch startups

Why is coding needed?

Today’s youth are growing up in a world surrounded by technology. Software is a driving force in education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and beyond. While most kids today use software on a daily basis, very few know how to create with code.

We strive to help students learn about computer science. This includes gaining the skills necessary to think computationally, create with code, and contribute to online communities.

CODE (Community Oriented Developer Education) empowers students with technical expertise. We equip students with the skills to become web developers by providing a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and JS, and teaching them how to use no/low-code tools to build applications.

CODE is geared towards the community. Bridging the gap between educators and employers. We talk directly to employers about what skills are needed and train your students.

Coding Classes

  1. Building the foundation – Intro to JavaScript and web design
  2. Piecing it together – Frameworks including React and Django/Python
  3. Full applications – Cybersecurity and applications
  4. Enterprise solutions – Working with a software team

Our curriculum, which has been refined for over 9 years and is regularly updated to stay current with industry trends, is crucial to the success of our program. We value partnerships with schools that share our commitment to the future success of their students and the community. To date, Awesome Inc has helped over 200 interns secure employment and has established strategic partnerships with local business leaders to bridge the gap between education and job opportunities.

Kyle Raney

Awesome Inc


If you are interested in implementing CODE contact us info@boomky.org

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