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Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

How does Boom KY accomplish this?

Boom KY currently partners with six schools throughout Kentucky to provide daily curriculum for entrepreneurial and code classes at the high school level. The teams come together to launch a start-up. We guide these groups to create a minimum viable product (MVP) through training in sales, marketing, branding, legal, and problem-solving activities on our proprietary platform.

What is a minimum viable product, you may ask? MVP is a standard version of the product that meets the requirements for use but can be developed further in the future- specifically after customer reviews. This is a prime example of what students would learn in our entrepreneurial class. At the end of the year the teams will compete for fellowships at the Young Entrepreneur Show.


Paintsville IndependentMenifee High SchoolHazard High School
Paintsville Independent
“Paintsville High School is excited about building this partnership with Boom KY and expanding opportunities for our students in the areas of coding and entrepreneurship.-Tiffany Austin, Paintsville High School Principal
Menifee High School”We are excited to partner with Boom KY to provide an entrepreneurial opportunity for our students. Our goal is to grow business and employment opportunities in our community and support our students to become those future business leaders. This partnership will provide students with experience in building a business proposal, product development, production, and sales. As a rural community, we welcome this partnership to grow employment opportunities in Menifee County.”-Menifee County School DistrictHazard High School“This class is very inspirational. It makes me want to start a business and make that money”–Kenyon Higgins, Class of 2025
“This class is valuable if you want to start a business and learning about things likes sales representatives help learn the roles behind the teams that it takes”–Sofia Sher, Class of 2025
“Entrepreneurship is not icing on top of the cake–it is a required ingredient to successful communities in Eastern Kentucky. This class allows students access to skills and people they otherwise, might not have, and it is my hope that through this partnership with Boom KY, we will catalyze a renaissance of business and idea generation” –Luke Glaser (Teacher)
Jen Klinglesmith

Williamsburg Joins Boom KY

We are very excited to provide this opportunity for our students.  Partnering with Boom KY will give our students a unique and outstanding experience to

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Jen Klinglesmith

YES Recap

Boom KY held The Young Entrepreneur Show at EKU where 17 student teams from 7 school districts competed for fellowships.  The winning startups were from Wolfe,

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Jen Klinglesmith

Inaugural Event

Y.E.S.  Don’t miss your chance at experiencing the inaugural Young Entrepreneur Show. On April 11th, 17 teams will converge on the EKU campus to compete

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