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Start-up Funding for High School Students in Appalachia

High school students in Appalachia will have a new and exciting opportunity starting this school
year. BoomKY and Awesome Inc are teaming up to bring software development and
entrepreneurship classes to Eastern Kentucky. “The goal is to provide our youth with the
opportunity to change communities in Appalachia,” said BoomKY CEO Kyle Wilson.

“Entrepreneurship and software development go hand in hand. Together, they open endless
possibilities for students to create new companies and ultimately jobs that don’t exist in
Appalachia currently,” says Nick Such, Director of Awesome Inc U. Since 2009, Awesome Inc.
has helped over 1800 adults and youth learn how to code.

“BoomKY was created to provide funding to start-ups and create jobs in Appalachia,” said
Kyle Wilson. “During our year-long partnerships with schools we teach students how to bring a
product to market.” This isn’t getting up in front of the class and lecturing the kids about how to
do something. They are actually starting a business and will be selling products online this year.

BoomKY and Awesome Inc will be taking on a few more schools for the 2021-2022 school
year. If you are interested in learning more about these programs contact them at

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